About Me

I grew up on Hip-Hop mixtapes stolen from my cousin in 1985 and my sisters pirate Top Of The Pops VHS tapes in 1986.

I bought my first guitar and my first record - ‘Kill ‘Em All’ by Metallica in 1988.

I was in my first band, played my first gig at school and saw my first live gig - Motorhead at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1989.

I recorded my first EP on a 4-track tape machine of my Funk/Rock/Rap band called Mango Pickle in 1992.

I went to my first rave in 1994 and performed my first Garage and Jungle DJ set at a house party in New Cross in 1995.

I purchased my first synthesiser in 1998. Bought my first studio computer in 1999.

The first time I fell in love with my band was I Own Kings in 2001. I setup my first studio in 2005.

My first production duties on someone else's record was in 2006.

My first vinyl release was in 2008.

My first Mercury prize nomination was 2011.

Some of my best friends have been made along this journey.